The Independent:

I have been commissioned several times

by the Independent Magazine to

produce work for their weekly weekend

magazine, including three Fashion specials,

and a selection of articles for the magazine. 

My work included a four-page illustration

series of new season bags, including Dior,

Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci and Prada, as well

as a double page feature on designers lives

after fashion, featuring portraits illustrated

of Rifat Ozbek, Barbara

Hulanicki and Christian Lacroix. 

I was also the Creative Direction for a 

photoshoot based around the life of Diana

Vreeland, shot at Maison Assouline, 

London, featuring Suzanne Von Aichinger, 

photographed by Ruth Hogben. The shoot 

was used as the main spread and cover

for the Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Special. 

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