AlOthman Boutique: 
Sophia Webster & Sophie Hulme

AlOthman boutique is a high-fashion 
boutique based in Kuwait.  With a large 
fanbase in the Middle East, they pick the 
best trends and clothes from the current 
Western designers as well as supporting 
a-lot of homegrown talent from the Middle

I was asked by the Boutique to sketch their 
five main buyers, whom all chose their 
favorite pieces from one designer to support
a personal interview for their website. 

For the Spring issue I was asked to sketch 
the wonderful accessories and shoes from 
Sophia Webster, and then again the timeless 
and highly demanded bags from British 
Designer Sophie Hulme. 

I really like to draw acsessories so it was 
great to define each one of the sketches 
with different styles and tastes. 

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