Joseph Larkowsky is a 21 year old Fashion

Illustrator commencing his third Year on BA

Fashion Illustration at London College of


Joseph has a very distinct style and uses 

select materials to give all his sketches the 

same look. His work has been seen in in 

multiple publications, numerous websites and 

with clients ranging from Drapers Magazine, 

Mappin and Webb, Oxfam and The Sanderson 


Specialising in Runway and garment Illustration,

as well as shoes and accessories. His style is

very quick, expressive and informal which is 

mirrored in his personality and energy. 

Concentrating more on the fluidity and feeling of 

the garment, instead of the physical features of 

the models or subject, Joseph brings a different 

view of runway garments. 

Joseph does take commissions and private 

requests. Visit the 'Contact' area of the site to 

find out more. For constant, up-to date work, 

visit Joseph's Blog at

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