I was Invited by classic British brand Radley

to partake in a german social campaign entitled

"My Radley Illustration". The top female

German bloggers were chosen to select a bag 

of their choice which best represented their

personal style. Along with the bag the bloggers

each received a personal sketch from me. 

The illustrations were styled in the bloggers

clothes and depicting their individual styles as well

as taking Radley's iconic Scottie Dog for a walk. 

Illustrated using a mixture of watercolours, fine pens

and black in for the dog, the illustrations were gifted

to each of the bloggers in their bag. 

There are currently talks to take the "My Radley

Illustration" campaign to Britain, using the top British

female bloggers. 

A selection of the finalised sketches for the German Bloggers. 


Radley Online

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