I was approached by the Sanderson Hotel
to create some Art-Work for their "Creative
Class" campaign, branching across all hotels 
in the the Internationally renowned Morgan's 
Hotel Group.

Each of the hotels in the Morgan Hotel 
group individually picked a musician, 
artist, designer or performer to talk about
and show their work on the Morgan's 
International Webpage. 

I was picked by the Sanderson, so decided
to cretae some Art-work based around the 
amazing Hotel, situated just off Oxford Street,

I wanted my Illustrations to fit seamlessly into
the background, so decided to use actual
imagery from the Sanderson Hotel as a backdrop
for my illustrations to lounge, stroll and stand
like they were Hotel Guests. 

The interview also features examples of my
workspace, my materials and other work, plus 
my top picks for dining out, exploring the City of
London and Shopping. 

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